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Bring the Outdoor into your Home with Summer Fragrances

By June 21, 2017 News

Photo credit: Time Out

Summer solstice makes the longest day of the year. Another reason to be outside until 9pm and do unusual things that you won’t temp to do in few months time. Watching the sunrise, diving into one of the natural ponds, or find a rooftop restaurant for dinner are amongst the popular things to do during summer solstice, according to ‘TimeOut‘.

Celebrate the Sun without light is therefore inconceivable. In this article we will share with you uncommon ways to bring the outdoor into your home. We will highlight some of our most original candles that you would never think they exist. Last but not least, we will reveal our TOP 5 scents for this summer.

Candle display that can purify the air

Quite often we have some undesirable odour spreading through the house. And it seems sometimes very hard to get rid of. Fragrance lamps from Ashleigh & Burwood use a century-old catalytic combustion technique that filters airborne odour-causing molecules. The catalytic burner captures and destroys the molecules that carry odours. This combustion system was initially made to disinfect the air. Individually handcrafted the fragrance bottles are stylish including glittering mosaic, stunning glass and elegant ceramics. In addition the fragrance contained within the fragrance lamp is emitted to scent the room quickly and efficiently.



Unwind without alcohol

Summer season rhyme with holidays, relaxation and party. Without insisted onto the last bit, we often think we need sparkling drink to refresh our self. Here the opportunity to unwind without alcohol. Vineyard Candles are funky glassware candles from re-purposed wine and beer bottles.  They are inspired by famous drinks and cocktails. Pina Colada, Merlot, Mojito, Gin & Tonic are amongst this range of fantastic fragrances. These scented candles are perfect for dinner or barbecue.


Our TOP 5 Scents for this Summer

  1. TROPICAL WATERMELON | Our number one is a sweet, juicy, tropical mouth watering scent. The candle will refresh your room for up to 20 hours. Packed in a tin, handmade Shearer Candles are easy to travel with.
  2. COCONUT ESCAPE | Feeling like diving into the water or walking down the beach. Retrieve the smell of exotic, soft and creamy coconut with this Heart & Home Jar Candle.
  3. LEMONGRASS | Feel fresh and energetic with this fragrance that offers a vibrant lemon scent. Best Kept Secrets candles are seriously scented with the highest quality oils and have a burn time of over 50 hours.  Get prepared for a seriously scented experience.
  4. WILD STRAWBERRY | Juicy wild strawberry is the primary note of this succulent strawberry desert candle. Fruity notes of the luscious berry can be found in Root Travel Tin Candles Range.
  5. RASPBERRY SUPREME | An irresistible  combination of raspberries blended with banana, citrus and double cream.Take yourself to paradise with Best Kept Secrets’ Smoothies range and fill your room with this great fruity fragrance.

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