Amoorra Shower Bomb Relax and Re-Energise Selection Set


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Shower bombs are your bath bombs for the shower that fill your bathroom with beautiful aroma scents helping you relax and recharge.

Amoorra Relax and Re-Energise shower bomb set come with a 5 Shower Bombs that will help relax and reenergise you

1 x Peace –  “A Peaceful Paradise” –  Peace is a blend of Rose & Jasmine. The scent of fresh flowers that has the power to evoke memories, elevate mood and envelope you into a sense of calmness.

1 x Sleep – “ For a Great Night’s Rest”. The sweet dreams blend of Lavender, Bergamot and Vetiver.

1 x Awaken – “Kick Start Your Day” – Awaken is your morning pick me up! The zingy and zesty aromas of mandarin, grapefruit and geranium will give you that much needed burst of energy in the morning.

1 x Breathe – “Breathe Easy the Natural Way” – A three in one bath bomb that will calm, relax and uplift you. Breath will support breathing, open up the sinus and clear the mind.

1 x Refresh – “Energise & Rejuvenate” – comforting and warming essential oils of Ginger & Nutmeg will rejuvenate and energise the body.

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