Red Gold Lotus Candle Holder


The lotus flower is a symbol of transformation from darkness into the light, from innocence into insight and wisdom, towards peace and serenity. The warm light of a lotus candlelight invites pleasant feelings and offers healing effects.

The lotus flower is made from Capiz shells and makes a stunning display for your tea lights.

A lovely deep red colour with a gold edging along each of the lotus petals. Red is the colour of the first chakra “Root Chakra” and It is known to help restore contact with the earth. When the candle is lit in the middle, the lotus candle holder will emits a soft glow. The candle is sheltered enough to be used both indoors and outdoors. The light is soft to help clear your mind and would compliment meditation, yoga or chakra re-alignment.

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Handmade candle holder. The petals made from natural Capiz shell.

This candle holder can be fitted with tea-light candles or slightly larger candles. The diameter of the middle is roughly 5.5cm which should fit any candle with the same diameter.

The Lotus candle holder comes with a small leaflet that reads: A ritual of light, colour, harmony, unity and atmosphere.

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Dimensions 13.5 cm



Tea Light Holder



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