Magnum Steel


ashleighburwood1In homage to Ashleigh & Burwood hugely popular Steel Atlas lamp we introduce Steel Magnum it may be smaller but the calibre is surely just as big. Steely blue and stormy grey hues collide to form a patchwork of intriguing intensity on this classically shaped mosaic lamp. Beautifully formed, this lamp resembles the earth viewed from space.


Add luxury and style to your home with an Ashleigh and Burwood fragrance lamp.  The hand crafted fragrance lamps looks glamorous in any room and is a unique and stylish fragrance to give us a gift.  The lamps uses an old century catalytic combustion technique that filters airborne odour-causing molecule releasing richaromas to scent the room. The luxury fragrance diffuser after initial lighting can be left unattended to fragrance the room. Only use Ashleigh and Burwood Lamp Fragrance Oil in the Fragrance Lamps.

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