Noor OUD Incense Stick Collection


Noor Oud Incense Sticks collection has a rich and opulent aroma. Crafted from the finest Oud wood, these sticks emanate a sense of luxury and mystique, elevating your space with a captivating fragrance that lingers delicately. Unveil an enchanting ambiance that invites relaxation and tranquility.

There are four fragrances available in the range. 


Elevate senses with Noor Oud Incense. Enjoy captivating OUD aromas. Meticulously crafted, enduring scents offered.

Collection features four fragrances, enhance meditation, relaxation, routines:

– Topaz: Oud, Saffron, Vetiver, Patchouli, Sandalwood.
– Ruby: Oud, rose, geranium, iris, berries.
– Crystal: Oud, orchid, lilac, jasmine, musk.
– Dhen-Al Oud: oud, leather, woods, tobacco.

Elegantly packaged for gifting, each package holds 10 sticks, about 15g. Origin: India.

Note: Direct shipping from suppliers.

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Weight 15 g

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