Shobu Refresh Shower Bomb


Innovative concept, Shobu shower bombs are bath bombs for the shower. Transform your shower into a unique spa experience. At a fraction of the cost you can turn your shower into an aromatherapy haven. Made with pure plant extracts and essential oils, Shobu shower bombs are vegan friendly, and all ingredients are ethically & sustainably sourced. 6 combinations of aromas are awaiting for you: Breathe, Refresh, Indulgence, Seduction, Sleep, Awaken.

Refresh Shobu shower bomb is a combination of Ginger & Nutmeg. Good to invigorate.

Shobu Shower Bombs are available in six combinations of aromas: Breathe, Refresh, Indulgence, Seduction, Sleep, Awaken.

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Turn your Shower into a Spa.
1 – Turn your shower on and allow to warm to run for couple of minutes
2 – Place the bomb on the floor of your shower but not in direct water flow
3 – Enjoy the natural aroma that fill your shower

Suitable for all skin types, dissolves on it’s own and does not leave residue.

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Shower Bombs

Burn Time

8 to 10 min


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