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Gifts For Mums – Mother’s Day

By February 16, 2018 News

One day is not enough to thank our moms for their love, encouragements and patience towards us.

Mother’s day makes it difficult each year to find something special for her. Find below pampering gift ideas  and unique presents that will make her smile.

Personalised and Unique Gift

No need to spend hours looking for the ideal gift for her. You can use your creativity and crafting skills to make her a unique handmade present.

For this artwork, you will need to choose one of your favourite picture. One of you both or with your siblings can be a great opportunity to bring back good memories.  You will also need tissue paper to do the photo transfer. Find the DIY photo candle here. Pillar candles can be bought in our shop.

A Treat For Mum

We are all concerned about the environment specially when buying gifts. Packaging free and environmental friendly gift are more and more popular.

Gift Card

They can be found in your high street shops. Your mom will then decide what she wants to go for and you won’t end up with something that does not pleased her. Just make sure it’s one of her favourite shop.

Something Special

Not only for big budget, getaways or city break are perfect to stop the time and enjoy the moment. There are lots of deals available over this period and you can find good bargain at the last minutes. No need to go far to have a nice break. From afternoon tea to sightseeing cruise find mother’s day deals at the Virgin Experience Days.

Home Pampering

What if you can recreate a spa experience at home. At a fraction of the cost turn her shower into an aromatherapy haven with Shobu Shower Bombs. These bath bombs for the shower are  made with pure plant extracts and essential oils to relax, energise, or just uplift the mood. Lovely gift for this Mother’s day. Discover the Spa Selection.

And If You Can’t Say It, Show It

Some of us are not that confident to say ‘I love you’. Well, Mother’s Day is the day that she would expect you to say it AT LOUD. No worries if you are still struggling, maybe one of the following items might help.


Find more gifts for Mother’s Day on our Shop.

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