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New Year, New Home

By January 5, 2018 Decor Ideas
Happy New Year !!!

Welcome 2018 with his new opportunities and life inspirations.

New year often goes with changes. It is the perfect time to choose new style, new colours and new arrangements for the house. Changing your decor can make you feel you actually moved to a new home. So worth a trial.

As candles are part of home decor and well-being, let’s have a look at 2018 decor trends and go through items that could help make a fresh start.

Colour of the year

Believe it or not ‘moody’ interiors are becoming more and more trendy according to Ideal Home. The Pantone colour of the year 2018 confirmed that. And the winner is ‘Ultra Purple’.

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore

This colour is often associated with royalty and luxury. With a Royal wedding on the go this year we could not be more surprised. The colour itself inspires calm and tranquillity. It also represents the crown Chakra which make it a colour of spirituality. Therefore, f you are seeking spiritual transformation for new year that might be a good start. Find out more about this colour on Sobriety Stones website.

With your winning colour on, complete the look by disposing  Shearer Candles – Couture Collection. They are a mix of luxurious scents in a radiant colours. Browse the collection.

From Simple to Stylish

One of the amazing thing in life, is that with simple things you can make great things. The type of material you choose for your home can make a difference. Anna Brockway, co-founder of design site Chairish predicted rounded furnishings for 2018. Whilst curve and bent are chic and seen as a ‘natural expression’, living metals and bronze are full of character according to designers.


When working on a centrepiece, think that candles with different tones look incredibly well together. And a mix of different materials can add onto your artwork.

Nowadays candles holders are not only preventing your candle to burn within a safe environment. They are also designed to add this touch of glamour to your place. Here below some candle holders that could help you transform your room from simple into stylish.

All all the above items can be found on our candle holders section.

New year resolution: Well-being

We all want to be in good health. And one of the most frequent resolution for the new year is to take care of our-self. Some of us can go through tough stress  situations during the day and just hope to get home to unwind in a peaceful environment. A stress free environment is key to well-being.

Designers agree that simple is the best. New year is an opportunity to get rid of everything that you do not use anymore. Remove clutter! Just keep it to a minimum and you will end up to free some space that you can use more efficiently.

Adding some nature to your space, will also make a difference. Some plants are so powerful they can help clean up your air which is definitely good for your health. And then, find a space to unwind, relax, no kids, no husband, no TV, just you. Lit a candle or get a diffuser to set the mood. Take a break from  your busy life style and enjoy the moment.

Try the aromatherapy range from Ancient Wisdom. The reed diffusers contain only natural essential oils in a mineral oil base. Seduce, enchant and heal. Shop the range.

Where this article is only a snapshot of what designers have being talking about, we trust that you will go for the decor that you love.

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